Postdoc in Virology and Host-Pathogen interactions

University of Florida

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  • Full Time

Toth lab at the University of Florida is looking for a motivated, enthusiastic postdoc candidate who is interested in molecular virology, viral gene regulation, and the epigenetic regulation of host-pathogen interactions.   We have several funded positions. We offer great opportunities for your career growth, including UF postdoctoral fellowships, virology and other postdoctoral training grants onsite, and other career transition grants available for qualified individuals at UF.

Toth lab studies an oncogenic human herpesvirus called Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV). We investigate the molecular mechanisms of viral immune evasion and the epigenetic regulation of viral infection during KSHV infection.  For more info:

Research topics in the lab:

•    The role of viral interferon regulatory factors in KSHV infection and viral immune evasion.

•    Epigenetic regulation of the viral chromatin of KSHV during lytic reactivation.

•    Molecular mechanisms of the establishment and the maintenance of viral latency.

•    Genetic analysis of elements of the viral genome involved in the chromatinization of the viral DNA.

Postdoc candidates should have expertise in basic molecular biology and cell culture methods. Applicants should submit a cover letter describing research interest, and a CV to Zsolt Toth, PhD ( After successful interview the contact information of 3 references will also be requested.

Education Requirement:
University of Florida (Main Campus)
Department of Oral Biology, UFCD
1395 Center Drive
Gainesville , FL 32610
Zsolt Toth,