Post-doc / Staff: Structure & functional studies of AAV cell entry using cryo-EM

University of Missouri

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Post-doctoral and staff positions are available at the University of Missouri in the structural virology of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) and (separately) on computational methods for refining cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) atomic structures. AAV is the leading vector for human gene therapy. We have identified cellular receptors, and our cryo-EM of complexes of AAV with receptors, and comparison to complexes with neutralizing antibodies, lay the foundations towards improved specificity and efficiency needed to target a wider array of genetic diseases. Those interested in AAV structural virology should have a background in molecular virology or structural biology. Those interested in methods development should have experience in scientific software engineering. Appointments can be as post-doctoral fellows or as research staff at levels dependent on experience and potential supervisory role. Applicants should visit and apply to the position of interest using the link provided. A CV should be uploaded with a cover letter briefly summarizing research experience and interests, and with the contact details for three referees. Applications will be reviewed until the positions are filled, but for full consideration please apply by December 30th, 2022. Enquiries should be directed to Michael Chapman (

The Chapman group ( is located within the Biochemistry Department at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Its main focus is the fundamental structural virology of AAV, mapping function sites important during infection to the atomic structure, by combining biophysical visualization with molecular virology. A detailed understanding of cell entry through endosomes and delivery of DNA within the nucleus advances fundamental virology. It is also key to engineering improvements in inefficient DNA delivery of in vivo vectors and the safety profile of therapies to cure an increasing range of genetic diseases. Our research has benefitted from advances in cryo-electron microscopy, allowing us to visualize AAV atomic structures at 1.2 to 2.8 Å resolution. The EM Center at the University of Missouri has been expanded recently ( to include a Krios G4 TEM, an Aquilos FIB-SEM and support of correlated light & EM microscopy. We are also contributing to the methodology of cryo-EM structure determination through development of computer algorithms that better optimize the agreement of atomic models with cryo-EM maps derived from experiments at a range of resolutions.

Education Requirement:
PhD for post-doc / Research Scientist

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