Postdoctoral fellow - HIV infection and immune responses

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Post Doctoral Position - Academic
Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

We are seeking a postdoctoral fellow to join the Liang Shan Lab to study immune responses to HIV infection

In patients who received antiretroviral therapy (ART), HIV-1 persists in a latent form primarily in quiescent CD4+ T cells and possibly tissue macrophages. Immune escape variants achieved in the latent viral reservoirs present one of the major obstacles to HIV-1 eradication. To date, no broadly applicable strategy has been developed to prevent or eradicate HIV-1 infection. Our studies involve a combination of biochemical, cell biological, and physiological approaches aimed at understanding the immunobiology of HIV infection and training the human immune system to better control and/or clear HIV-1 infection. Our current research includes the roles of CARD8 inflammasome in HIV-1 infection, control of HIV-1 infection by NK cells and macrophages, and novel humanized mouse models to test immunotherapeutic and genome editing strategies for eliminating HIV-1 reservoirs .

Our recent publications:

1. Kolin M. Clark, Qiankun Wang, Liang Shan. DPP9 inhibition enhances NNRTI mediated pyroptosis of HIV-1 infected cells. BioRxiv [Preprint]. September, 1 2021. Available from:

2. CARD8 is an inflammasome sensor for HIV-1 protease activity. Wang Q, Gao H, Clark KM, Mugisha CS, Davis K, Tang JP, Harlan GH, DeSelm CJ, Presti RM, Kutluay SB, Shan L. Science. 2021 Mar 19;371(6535). doi: 10.1126/science.abe1707.

3.  Song Y, Shan L, Gbyli R*, Liu W, Strowig T, Patel A, Fu X, Wang X, Xu ML, Gao Y, Qin A, Bruscia EM, Tebaldi T, Biancon G, Mamillapalli P, Urbonas D, Eynon E, Gonzalez DG, Chen J, Krause DS, Alderman J, Halene S#, Flavell RA#.  Combined liver–cytokine humanization comes to the rescue of circulating human red blood cells. Science. Mar 5;371(6533):1019-1025.

3. Shan L, Deng K, Gao H, Xing S, Capoferri AA, Durand CM, Rabi SA, Laird GM, Kim M, Hosmane NN, Yang HC, Zhang H, Margolick JB, Li L, Cai W, Ke R, Flavell RA, Siliciano JD, Siliciano RF. Transcriptional Reprogramming during Effector-to-Memory Transition Renders CD4+ T Cells Permissive for Latent HIV-1 Infection. Immunity. 2017 Oct 17;47(4):766-775.

4. Deng K, Pertea M, Rongvaux A, Wang L, Durand CM, Bhiaur G, Lai J, McHugh HL, Hao H, Zhang H, Margolick JB, Gurer C, Murphy AJ, Valenzuela DM, Yancopoulos GD, Deeks SG, Strowig T, Kumar P, Siliciano JD, Salzberg SL, Flavell RA, Shan L, Siliciano RF. Broad CTL response is required to clear latent HIV-1 due to dominance of escape mutations. Nature. 2015 Jan 15;517(7534):381-5.

Education Requirement:
PhD in biology or biomedical sciences

Interested candidates should email the following documents to Liang Shan, Ph.D. (

1. Cover letter

2. Curriculum vitae including a list of publications

3. A list of three referees

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