Postdoctoral Fellow – RNA virus research

University of Toledo

  • Post Doctoral Position - Academic
Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

An NIH-funded Postdoctoral Fellow position is available immediately in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Toledo to study RNA synthesis and processing by nonsegmented negative strand (NNS) RNA viruses, such as vesicular stomatitis, rabies, human parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial, and Ebola. We have discovered that the molecular mechanisms of mRNA synthesis and capping mediated by multifunctional NNS RNA viral RNA polymerases are fundamentally different from those of eukaryotic host cells (Mol Cell, 2007, 25:85-97; PNAS, 2010, 107:3463-68; NAR, 2014 42:12112-25; NAR, 2016 44:330-41;NAR, 2019, 47:299-309). Our long-term goals are to reveal the common and virus-specific functions of the NNS RNA viral polymerases in RNA biosynthesis and to provide foundations for the future development of antiviral agents against them.

We are seeking a highly motivated individual with a strong background in biochemistry and molecular biology. Candidates with previous experience in RNA biochemistry, enzymology, and/or molecular virology are encouraged to apply. Interested individuals with a Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) should apply using the following link:

Education Requirement:
Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) in biochemistry, molecular biology, virology, or related field
Health Science Campus
3000 Arlington Ave.
MS 1021
Toledo , OH 43614
Tomoaki Ogino, PhD