Research Technician

(Ref#: 230981-AS)

University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • Lab Technician
Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

This is an exciting opportunity to join a new laboratory. Dr. Adam Bailey is establishing a new lab, with a focus to make meaningful contributions to the fight against global infectious diseases. This includes using patient data and patient specimens to study the pathogenesis of infectious diseases in humans; developing new animal models to explore the pathophysiology of viral diseases; using animal models to evaluate new therapeutics and vaccines; utilizing in vitro technologies and high-throughput screens to investigate molecular mechanisms governing host-pathogen interactions; and developing new tools for the diagnosis of emerging infectious diseases. Current projects focus on a variety of areas including the mechanistic basis of hemorrhage in viral hemorrhagic fever; host factors governing yellow fever virus tropism and pathogenesis; virus discovery; and characterization of the immune evasion mechanisms of several RNA viruses. Providing a culture of curiosity, creativity, respect, and rigor in which the next generation of scientists can maximize their learning potential is also a critical component of the Bailey Lab's mission.

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Education Requirement:
B.A. or B.S.
Years of Experience:
Medical and Main Campus, Madison, WI
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
1111 Highland Ave
Madison , WI 53705
Adam Bailey,