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We are a dynamic research team dedicated to understanding our immune responses at mucosal surfaces. Mucosal immune responses protect us against invading pathogens, and environmental irritants but also tolerate and are shaped by our commensal microbiota - billions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses living within us. Our research team is particularly interested in B cells that reside in mucosal tissues and the antibodies they produce that end up at mucosal surfaces, interacting with both pathogens and microbiota. Specifically, we are focused on understanding immunoglobulin A (IgA) in all of its forms (monomers, dimers, and secretory) and are designing and testing therapeutic strategies that boost IgA antibodies at mucosal surfaces to inhibit virus replication and transmission, stabilize the microbiota, or all the above! We are particularly focused on understanding these dynamics in maternal and pediatric populations.

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Center for Global Health and Diseases
Center for Global Health and Diseases
2109 Adelbert Road
Cleveland , OH 44106