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The School is one of the nation s leading medical schools, ranked in the top 20 schools for NIH funding. The Departments of Medicine, Microbiology, Genetics and Genomics, Psychiatry and and the Friedman Brain Institute offers an outstanding intellectual and multidisciplinary research environment with a commitment to translational research. State-of the art infrastructure and support is available. The two labs have a strong track record as a career conduit' for highly motivated postdocs aspiring leadership positions in academia and industry and have published in the last 5 years in Science, Nature Genetics, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Communications and other high profile journals. http://labs.neuroscience.mssm.edu/akbarian lab/ https://labs.icahn.mssm.edu/bchenlab/ https //mobile.twitter com/akbarianlab https //health mountsinai.org/blog/epigenetic-disease-in the hiv brain an-innovative-longitudinal study method


Medical coverage for all new Postdoctoral Fellows begins on the 1st of the month following the month in which the Fellow begins their fellowship. For Medical Benefits prior to ISMMS medical benefits enrollment date , future Fellows may contact the following companies: 1(800) 350-2002 http://www.hthstudents.com 1(800) 647-4589 http://www.immigrationhealth.com 1(800) 344-9540 http://www.visitorsinsurance.com Before starting as a Postdoctoral Fellow, ISMMS requires that the applicant provides a verification of completion of their doctoral degree. All trainees and members of the ISMMS community are required to undergo, among other things, a toxicology screening and a medical examination.

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Mount Sinai, Manhattan, New York
Medicine, Genetics and Genomics, Neuroscience, Psychiatry
NEW YORK , NY 10029