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Dr. Tsai’s research dovetails the fields of cell biology and virology, illuminating protein quality control pathways and how these pathways are hijacked by viruses to cause infection. Specifically, the Tsai lab probes protein quality control mechanisms in a subcellular compartment called the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). A key enigma is how the ER handles proteins that misfold. In this context, Dr. Tsai’s lab has revealed the molecular underpinning of two distinct ER quality control pathways (ERAD and ER-phagy). Strikingly, the Tsai lab also discovered that these ER quality control pathways are exploited by viral pathogens, ranging from DNA tumor viruses (such as the human papillomavirus and polyomavirus) and RNA viruses (including flavivirus and SARS-CoV-2) to cause infection. Because these viruses are responsible for debilitating human diseases, identifying host targets critical for virus infection will lead to therapeutic strategies to combat virus-induced diseases.


If you are interested in a post-doctoral fellowship position in the Tsai lab, please contact: While a PhD in the field of biochemistry, cell biology, or microbiology is preferred, we welcome ALL who are passionate about our research.

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