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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Key topics of research in the *Fluid Dynamics of Disease Transmission Laboratory* include: Pathogen-Fluid Interaction - Interfacial flows: pathogen-fluid interactions in bubbles, drops and films - Fluid fragmentation and droplet formation leading to air contamination - Turbulence and multiphase flows - Mixing, transport, and pathogen deposition and contamination - Hydrodynamic instabilities and waves - Viscoelastic and biological fluids Health, Disease Transmission - Contact dynamics and pathogen transport - Nosocomial diseases, respiratory diseases, waterborne diseases, and foliar diseases - Disease transmission and contamination in indoor environments, including hospitals. We use a combination of theoretical (applied mathematics, including differential equations, linear algebra, nonlinear dynamics, waves and stability) and experimental approaches (flow visualization, high speed imaging techniques, microscopy, image processing) to elucidate the fundamental physical mechanisms of transmission of nosocomial diseases, respiratory diseases, waterborne diseases, and foliar diseases where fluids are ubiquitous and to design and formulate new control strategies.

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