Postdoc position in the Cliffe lab to study virus-host interactions in neurons

University of Virginia

  • Post Doctoral Position - Academic
Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

Our laboratory is focused on Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) infection of neurons. We use a variety of novel approaches including in vitro models of HSV latency in primary neurons, and in vivo infections, in addition to human induced neurons. We combine these with cutting edge molecular biology approaches and imaging analyses. The Postdoctoral Research Associate will work on a project investing the neuronal responses to viral infection and the changes that occur with aging. The position would be ideal for anyone with an interest in viral infection, neurobiology and/or innate immunology, and in establishing novel models to investigate viral infection of human neurons. The ideal candidate has a PhD with experience in relevant areas of biology, first-author publication(s), and ability to work well in a highly interactive, creative, and collaborative environment.

Education Requirement:
Doctoral degree
UVA School of Medicine
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
1340 Jefferson Park Ave
Pinn Hall Rm 7034
Charlottesville , VA 22901
Anna Cliffe,