Postdoctoral Fellow - Zoonotic RNA Virus Pathogenesis

University of New Mexico

  • Post Doctoral Position - Academic
Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

The Kell Lab at the University of New Mexico is looking for an enthusiastic postdoctoral fellow to join the team. The lab is interested in understanding the molecular interactions between zoonotic RNA viruses and their hosts that drive divergent disease outcomes in reservoir and non-reservoir species. We study viral recognition, immune evasion, and vascular physiology with classic molecular biology techniques, RNA sequencing, and high-throughput microscopy. While the lab is mainly focused on understanding hantavirus pathogenesis, there are opportunities to expand into coronavirus pathogenesis. BSL3 experience is not required but would be helpful. The lab is looking for a motivated postdoc, with a strong virology background, to drive a few projects forward with the opportunity to present at international and national meetings. This position will be for at least 2 years, with extension being dependent on fellowship and grant funding. Salary will match the NIH standard for postdoctoral fellows.

Interested candidates should email Dr. Alison Kell at amkell [at]

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  • virology
UNM Health Sciences Center
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
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