• Post Doctoral Position - Academic
Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

Our lab uses emerging coronaviruses as models to study the genetics of RNA virus transcription, replication, persistence, pathogenesis, genetics and cross-species transmission as well as translational countermeasures. The person(s) to fill these positions will be part of a team whose ultimate goal is to identify and develop new strategies to treat and prevent current and future emerging coronavirus infections. We are seeking candidates with extensive immunological, virological and/or molecular biology experience who can drive their own experiments in the lab.

Apply for this position through the UNC job page, link included. 

Education Requirement:
PhD with completed degree in Virology, Immunology and/or Microbiology required

• PhD with completed degree in Virology, Immunology and/or Microbiology required

• Expertise in protein purification techniques required

• Moderate to Extensive flow cytometry expertise required

• Cell culture expertise required

• Expertise in use of mouse models required

• Excellent molecular biology skills required (i.e. experience with E. coli culture and DNA extraction, restriction digestions, PCR, DNA fragment purification, ligations, and eukaryotic cell transfections, DNA and RNA quantitation, RNA extractions)

• Successful candidate will have a basic understanding of rules and regulations required for working at biosafety levels 2 and 3

• Post-doctoral experience with applicable models is preferred

• BSL3 experience is a plus but not required

• Willingness to work at BSL3 and with animals is preferred

Main Campus
Michael Hooker Research Center
135 Dauer Drive
Chapel Hill , North Carolina 27599
Ben McGlaughon, MS