Evaluating the role of host genetics in Rift Valley fever virus pathogenesis

University of Pittsburgh

  • Post Doctoral Position - Academic
Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

Our goal is to understand how host pathogen interactions modulate emerging viral diseases. Our major area of investigation is the immunity and pathogenesis of Rift Valley fever virus. RVFV, a mosquito borne hemorrhagic fever virus that causes hepatitis and encephalitis in humans. We use in vitro and in vivo approaches. The overarching theme of our research on RVFV is to elucidate mechanisms of viral pathogenesis, understand the contribution of host immune responses to disease, and guide the development of interventions against this important human pathogen. Specific areas of interest include: a) the role of viral tropism in pathogenesis b) the function of CD4 T cells in prevention of RVFV mediated encephalitis c) development and evaluation of vaccines and therapeutics to ameliorate RVFV disease and d) evaluation of the role of host genetics in clinical disease outcome. 

Qualifications: The candidate should have a Ph.D. degree and be familiar with basic techniques in molecular biology, virology, and immunology. Research experience in virology, T cell immunology, flow cytometry, and mouse work is highly desirable. Applicants who are self-motivated, work well in a team, and have previous experience in virology are highly preferred. Should have excellent verbal and written English communication skills. Must be able to obtain and maintain Department of Justice Select Agent clearance.

Education Requirement:
Required Skills & Areas of Study:
  • viral immunology
  • mouse handeling
  • molecular virology
NIH Standard rates apply

We will be in attendance at ASV in July of 2019. Interested applicants are encouraged to reach out and arrange a meeting with our lab group during the annual ASV meeting.

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