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University of Arizona

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Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

Join Dr. Felicia Goodrum to lead a dynamic and highly interactive research group interested in the herpesvirus, human cytomegalovirus, as a Lab Manager/Research Coordinator.  This is an exciting opportunity to lead your own research project in addition to managing a lab. Our highly collaborative molecular virology group is interested in virus-host interactions important to controlling the decision to enter into or exit latent programs using human cytomegalovirus as a model system. Specific questions of interest include: identify the mechanisms by which viral determinants regulate latency/reactivation, define the host pathways used by the virus "senses and respond" to cues for reactivation, and define the viral transcriptome associated with cytomegalovirus latency.

An ideal candidate will be be curious and motivated to lead inquiry into scientific questions at the cell-virus interface and contribute to leading a dynamic team. Our work involves molecular virology/recombinant viruses to cell biology using advanced model systems to define host pathways important to viral persistence and the means by which herpesviruses co-opt or disarm them. Experience in virology is a plus but not a must. Tucson, AZ is a fantastic place to be! See the link for details.

Send a CV/resume and letter of interest and experience to Felicia Goodrum  AND apply online:      

Education Requirement:
BS or advanced degree
Years of Experience:
Required Skills & Areas of Study:
  • molecular cell biology
  • molecular biology
  • molecular virology
  • cell culture
  • cell biology
  • imaging
  • proteomics
  • biochemistry
  • molecular biology
  • virology
  • high-throughput sequencing and coding/bioinformatics
commensurate with experience
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Felicia Goodrum, PhD