• Lab Technician
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  • Full Time

The laboratory of Dr. Felicia Goodrum at the University of Arizona is looking for a Research Technician (level II).Our highly collaborative molecular virology group is interested in virus-host interactions important to controlling the decision to enter into or exit latent programs using human cytomegalovirus as a model system. Specific questions of interest include: identify the mechanisms by which viral determinants regulate latency/reactivation, define the host pathways used by the virus "senses and respond" to cues for reactivation, and define the viral transcriptome associated with cytomegalovirus latency. Experience that is a plus includes: molecular cloning and recombination, PCR, sequencing, cell culture, fluorescent microscopy. Our research takes a deep dive into the cell biology around infection, including signaling, host membrane/protein trafficking as it relates to cargo sorting, and control of viral and host gene expression and signaling, DNA damage responses and innate immune responses. The lab averages around 10 people comprised of postdoctoral scientists, graduate students, undergraduates and technicians. For more information on the lab, please visit 

Send a resume/curriculum vitae and a cover letter briefly describing your research experience, interest in this position and the names of three references to Felicia Goodrum

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Required Skills & Areas of Study:
  • molecular cell biology
  • molecular biology
  • next gen sequencing
  • biochemistry
  • molecular biology
  • virology
  • high-throughput sequencing and coding/bioinformatics
  • cell culture
  • Fluorescence Imaging Technologies
commensurate with experience
University of Arizona
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Room 425, Thomas Keating Buil
Tucson , Arizona 85721
Felicia Goodrum, PhD