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Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine invites applications for a Post-Doctoral Fellow research position for Investigative Medicine. The lab recently made the exciting discovery that IL-17RA signaling is selectively proviral to gammaherpesviruses by promoting the gammaherpesvirus-driven germinal center response and viral reactivation. The lab utilizes Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 (MHV68) as a model for human gammaherpesvirus infection with the aim to uncover and study host mechanisms which regulate or promote gammaherpesvirus-driven germinal center response, viral replication, reactivation, latency, and tumorigenesis. Current work focuses on defining the mechanism by which IL-17RA signaling promotes gammaherpesvirus infection. Future work will expand to understand the significance of naturally induced IL-17A and its’ impact on chronic gammaherpesvirus infection and gammaherpesvirus induced-lymphomagenesis. The role of IL-17RA signaling in other viral infections will also be examined. Other projects in the lab will work to identify additional host factors which the viruses may usurp for its’ benefit or which work to restrict viral infection.

Direct involvement and participation in discovery-based research.

Communicates problems or matters of a scientific, technical and/or administrative nature both within the department and interdepartmentally utilizing computer technology.

Conducts independent research and assists in the conduct of research.

Analyzes data and interprets results to write reports and summaries of findings.

Maintains accurate records of tests conducted, results, data and patients tested including calculation of results from supplied data, obtained data and statistics.

Provides instruction in laboratory technique, instrumentation, and application of laboratory test procedures to new technicians and students.

Assists supervisor and lab members in the development of technical procedures and protocols.

Organizes and prioritizes work to meet specific goals and accomplishments.

Manages lab technicians time.

Provides feedback to lab members and department managers.

Maintains clean and efficient work area and replenishes supplies as necessary.

Helps manage the animal colony.

Conducts infection experiments in murine animal models.

Conducts isolation and in vitro culture of primary cells.

Conducts various assays on purified populations including immunoflorescent staining and flow cytometry.

Conducts RNA isolation/RT-PCR, expression cloning, protein extraction, western blotting.

Conducts sensitive viral assays.

Prepares stock solutions and reagents.

Is available to work on weekends or evenings to complete time sensitive projects.

Acquires knowledge for new technology and policy/procedure revisions.

Pursues all other duties as assigned.

Education Requirement:
PhD in immunology, virology, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, or a related field.
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