About Us:

Founded in 2005, Gryphon Scientific is a small business with a unique focus on physical and life sciences, public health, and program management and evaluation. As a consulting company, we primarily rely on literature-based research, interview data collection and our staff’s rich past experience in the laboratory, in policy shops and from the field to tackle projects with complex technical challenges. Our projects drive policy changes in security, preparedness, and science policy at the highest levels of US government. Abroad, we advise governments in the developing world on how to cope with daunting public health challenges. Our aim is to improve the health and safety of populations world-wide. The energy of our small business environment as well as our commitment to technical excellence attracts staff with the highest qualifications, and our commitment to work-life balance and employee growth has afforded us excellent employee retention. We are currently growing and looking for new staff members to join the Gryphon team.


Gryphon offers a competitive benefits package including 401(k), fully subsidized employee health insurance, and performance and profit-sharing bonuses. Gryphon Scientific is a place that actively encourages intellectual engagement and provides analytical challenges on a wide range of projects. Gryphon Scientific boasts a friendly, laid-back work environment. The dress code is casual. Gryphon employees often take afternoon walks to the local ice cream or coffee shop. Mentorship is taken seriously at Gryphon Scientific. There is an open-door policy for all staff, meaning you can ask for advice from any staff member, from the owner of the company to your manager to junior staff. Work-life balance and a pleasant work environment are a priority. All staff work in offices; there is not a cubicle in sight! We encourage all senior staff to participate in business development efforts and the company supports senior staff pursuing work in their areas of interest. Gryphon supports professional development including tuition reimbursement, conference attendance and career specific training.

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6930 Carroll Ave
Suite 810
Takoma Park , Maryland 20912