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Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow position in Singapore to study the role of epistatically interacting mutations in maintaining virus fitness

(Ref#: OR/EID/GJS3 and OR/EID/GJS4)

Duke-NUS Medical School

  • Post Doctoral Position - Academic
Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

This position is for a full-time Research Fellow / Senior Research Fellow with a strong background in Microbiology, Immunology, and/or Biotechnology. The candidate is expected to play a critical role in generating and fostering a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research environment by performing a variety of research. The full list of duties and responsibilities and the required experience are provided in the job listing on the Duke-NUS website.

Researchers in our laboratory are encouraged to collaborate and generate research ideas, but the main project for this position is to investigate the effects of epistatically interacting mutations on virus fitness, particularly influenza virus but possibly including other respiratory viruses. A strong grasp of evolutionary biology is required, but the majority of the work involves generating recombinant viruses with different combinations of mutations, and testing the effects of co-occurring mutations on virus biology. This will include assessing viral infectivity and growth kinetics, HA and NA binding, transcription efficiancy, antigenicity and other virus phenotypes. While experience with these assays is preferred, candidates with demonstrated expertise in related or similar laboratory techniques are encouraged to apply.

Education Requirement:
Years of Experience:
>1 year
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Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases
8 College Road
Singapore , N/A 169857
Gavin Smith, PhD