Research Assistant Professor

Emory University

  • Academic Faculty - Non Tenure
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  • Full Time

A Research Assistant Professor position is available at the Emory University School of Medicine to join an innovative interdisciplinary team focusing on studies the mechanisms of enveloped virus entry into cells and its regulation by host factors. We combine molecular/cell biology, biophysics and quantitative microscopy techniques, such as single particle tracking and super-resolution imaging, to investigate the early steps of viral infection – membrane fusion, transport and uncoating of the viral core. To gain structural insights into virus entry intermediates, we are implementing correlative light-cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-CLEM) techniques. A qualified candidate should have a Ph.D. degree, postdoctoral training in a relevant field and excellent publications. Emory University provides excellent training and collaborative environment for research. For more information regarding projects in the laboratory, please visit: and Interested applicants should contact Dr. Gregory Melikian (aka Melikyan) at

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Gregory Melikian, PhD