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  • Full Time
FDA\Division of Antivirals seeks a dedicated and qualified virologist for the position of Microbiology Reviewer. The position offers the opportunity to independently analyze and critically evaluate nonclinical and clinical data in support of antiviral drug development, and, to provide scientific and regulatory guidance to sponsors of candidate antiviral drugs. The range of products includes all antiviral drug products for HIV, hepatitis viruses, herpesviruses, influenza, smallpox, emerging infections (e.g., SARS-CoV-2, Ebola virus, measles virus), and other viral diseases. A multidisciplinary team approach facilitates interaction with a wide range of scientific disciplines assessing safety and efficacy of drugs in development. The position involves working with the pharmaceutical industry, individual investigators, other government agencies and academia, and, offers opportunities to work on a variety of initiatives including research into antiviral drug resistance mechanisms and medical counter measures. The position requires an in-depth knowledge of classical and molecular virology, and, good oral and written communication skills. Faculty level or postdoctoral experience is recommended. Individuals with expertise in adenovirus, small genome DNA viruses (BKV, JCV) and viruses associated with COVID-19 or hemorrhagic fevers are encouraged to apply, although candidates with expertise in other viruses will also be considered. Email CV/cover letter to FDA provides an opportunity for virologists to use their knowledge and analytical skills to impact public health. THE FDA IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER WITH A SMOKE FREE ENVIRONMENT.  
Federal insurance for health, dental, vision and legal are available for enrollment
Education Requirement:
Ph.D. in virology
Years of Experience:
Required Skills & Areas of Study:
  • virology
$102,663 to $133,465
White Oak Campus
Division of Antivirals, Office of Infectious Diseases, CDER
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Building 22, Room 6347
Silver Spring , MD 20993
Anamaris Colberg Poley, Ph.D.