Research Scientist I (Virology & Vaccinology)

The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

  • Research Scientist
Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

A Research Scientist I position is available in the Department of Pathology at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. We seek a virologist with Ph.D. who is motivated to study bunyaviruses and vaccine development. Duties of this position includes but are not limited to; 1) to conduct assigned experiments collaboratively with the PI, 2) to manage basic laboratory operation, 3) to technically support graduate student(s), 4) to analyze experimental results for scientific presentation and writing, and 5) to present data at scientific meetings at the level of laboratory, school, or virology/vaccine society. The goal of current projects are (1) to complete a series of attenuation and immunogenicity evaluation of a live-attenuated candidate vaccine, RVax-1, for Rift Valley fever, and (2) to genetically manipulate bunyavirus genome for creation of novel candidate vaccines for bunyaviral diseases. Successful candidate should have sufficient work experience in molecular biology and virology in vitro and in vivo.   

Preferred Work Experience

• Strong background of experience in molecular biology and virology  • Experience in manipulating RNA virus genome  • Experience in characterizing host-virus interaction in vitro and in vivo • Experience in mouse and rat experiments   

Preferred Skills

• Cell culture, Virus titration, Antibody titration, Protein purification, DNA cloning, Protein analysis (Western blot), RNA analysis (real-time PCR, Northern blot), DNA analysis (next generation sequencing), Handling and monitoring of small rodents for experiments, Pathophysiological analysis of animals • Excellent skills to complete assigned virology experiments independently and collaboratively • Excellent skills to maintain basic laboratory functions and ethics • Excellent skills in mentoring graduate students for daily experiments • Excellent skills in scientific presentation and manuscript writing 

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Education Requirement:
Ph. D, M.D, D.O., or D.V.M in related field and no experience required
Years of Experience:
From $48,480 To $51,000

Applicants interested in this job should apply via the following site:

Galveston campus
301 University Blvd.
Galveston , TX 77555-0436
Tetsuro Ikegami, PhD