Senior Scientist / Senior Virologist - Bioassay Development, Analytical Science

(Ref#: R-080908)


  • Industry
  • Post Doctoral Position - Industry
Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

The Bioassay Development group of Analytical Sciences in AstraZeneca’s Biopharmaceutical Development has an opening for a Senior Scientist with experience in molecular and analytical virology. The selected candidate would be involved in projects spanning from early to late stage development on live attenuated viral vaccines as well as engineered viruses for oncolytic therapy. Scientific leadership in developing analytical methods for understanding structure-function relationships and in vitro – in vivo correlations is expected for this role.

In addition, the senior scientist will also be expected to develop into the role of a subject matter expert on viral safety testing of cell lines, unprocessed bulk and viral bulk. The incumbent will be expected to assist biopharmaceutical development function with investigations related to viral tests and work closely with QA and Cell culture and Fermentation Sciences department to support testing required to support regulatory submissions for INDs and BLAs. This position would offer the incumbent opportunities to work in CMC teams and be a part of exciting projects including oncolytic virotherapeutics.

Essential Requirements

• Ph.D. degree in molecular or cellular biology or biochemistry, or related field

• A minimum of 8 years of relevant industry experience

Desirable Requirements

•A strong knowledge base and laboratory skills are required in the following areas: (1) functional assays including cell based infectivity assays, (2) quantitative PCR for DNA and RNA viruses, (3) development of neutralizing monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, and (4) methods for analyzing proteins and nucleic acid including electrophoresis, immunoblotting and ELISA

•Scientific understanding of virus assembly and structure

•The ability to propose and test ideas, synthesize and draw conclusions from multiple approaches, and provide creative solutions to challenging problems

•Strong verbal and written communication skills

•Independent and innovative scientist, with a track record of contributions in the field of virological methods

•Familiarity with tools to monitor genomic, structural and functional integrity of viruses would be highly desirable

-Supervisory Experience is highly desirable

Education Requirement:
Years of Experience:
Required Skills & Areas of Study:
  • virology
  • areas of research: virology or immunology
  • skills : molecular biology
  • serology
  • experience with animal models
  • flow cytometry
  • molecular virology
  • molecular biology
  • cell biology
Gaithersburg, MD
Biopharmaceutical Development
Gaithersburg , MD 20878
Cheryl Bitner,