Post-Doctoral Position in Lowen Lab at Emory University

Emory University School of Medicine

  • Post Doctoral Position - Academic
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An NIH-funded post-doctoral position is available in the laboratory of Anice Lowen, PhD, in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Emory University School of Medicine. The candidate will work with a dynamic team of virologists to perform urgently needed research on the impact of environmental conditions on SARS-CoV-2 transmission and the frequency of recombination between coinfecting coronavirus genomes. The candidate will also develop a research project within the scope of ongoing influenza-focused projects in the lab.

Our core research centers on influenza A virus evolution, including adaptation to new host species and escape from immune pressure. A major focus is on reassortment of influenza virus genomes. We are interested both in the mechanistic underpinnings of reassortment and the implications of this efficient genetic exchange for viral evolution. For this work, we exploit molecular and classical virology techniques, single cell approaches, mathematical modeling and in vivo infection models. We work with collaborators of diverse expertise both within Emory and at other U.S. and international sites. Please visit for more information on the lab.

Successful candidates will be highly self-motivated, have a strong work ethic, and have excellent organization and communication skills. A PhD degree in the biological sciences and expertise in virology or a related field is required.

Salary is commensurate with experience and at NIH postdoctoral stipend levels. To apply please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information of at least two professional references to Dr. Lowen ( The review process will start immediately and continue until the position is filled.

Emory University is located in Atlanta, GA, a vibrant city of approximately 5 million people that hosts a strong biomedical research community at multiple universities and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The city has a relatively low cost of living, is culturally diverse, is well connected nationally and globally, and offers a multitude of recreational opportunities within the city and in the nearby Appalachian Mountains. The website of the Emory University Office of Postdoctoral Education provides more information on the University, the city and resources for post-doctoral fellows.

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Emory Main Campus, O. Wayne Rollins Resesarch Center
Microbiology and Immunology
1510 Clifton Rd
Atlanta , GA 30322
Anice Lowen, PhD