Postdoc position to study microbiota effects on HIV vaccines

Baldridge Lab

  • Post Doctoral Position - Academic
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  • Full Time

This position will be a combined position with experience in the laboratories of Dr. Scott Handley and Dr. Megan Baldridge.

The interests of both academic laboratories are in understanding the interactions between viral vaccines, commensal bacteria, and the host immune system. We and others have shown that perturbations in the microbiome and in host immunity alter viral infectivity and immune responses to vaccination (Baldridge et al, Science 2015, Lee et al, Cell Host Microbe 2017, Harris et al, Cell Host Microbe 2018). The primary focus of this position will be to interrogate interactions of host immune responses to HIV vaccines with enteric microbes using germ-free and antibiotics-treated mice, viral and bacterial deep-sequencing, targeted knock-out mice, and immune phenotyping. These questions are being studied using a combination of molecular and cell biology approaches in mouse models and bioinformatics analysis.

Candidates with extensive prior experience in genetics, infectious diseases, microbiology or related fields with a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree are encouraged to apply. Preferred qualifications include: Mammalian cell culture experience, basic virology and microbiology skills, experience in flow cytometry, experience in microbiota analysis, ability to handle mice.

This position is eligible for full-time benefits. Please visit our website at to view a summary of benefits.
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PhD and/or MD
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Candidates must provide a current CV and 2 to 3 references that can be contacted directly by phone and/or email to Dr. Megan Baldridge at

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