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  • Full Time

Postdoctoral positions are available in the laboratory of Profs. James Chodosh and Jaya Rajaiya at Mass Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School, Boston. Our laboratory studies the biology and evolution of human adenoviruses in three principle areas:

1) Innate immune responses to virus infection: We developed a mouse model of adenovirus keratitis, and used it to show that viral capsid was the major molecular pattern for innate immune responses in the cornea (1, 2). Currently, we are investigating the specific roles of unique cell types present on the eye surface in the early innate immune responses to viral infection. We want to elucidate the unique interactions between specific molecular patterns expressed by the adenovirus and individual cell phenotypes.

2) Adenoviral entry and trafficking: Viral entry is a complex phenomenon, and might be governed by the tropism of the pathogen, but is also cell type dependent. The pathway of entry also determines the type of proinflammatory responses elicited by the pathogen. In support to our recent work (3-5), there is a need to understand the specifics of entry in relation to the tropism of the virus.

3) Adenovirus genomics and evolution: Concurrent with our interest in molecular patterns and innate immunity, we have turned our attention more closely to the adenovirus pathogen as a physical entity, and have completed whole genome sequencing of all the remaining unsequenced human adenoviral prototypes. This led to our confirmation of homologous recombination as a major mechanism for evolution of the virus (6-8). Our current focus is to understand the molecular basis for homologous recombination between human adenoviruses.

The successful candidate is expected to be independent, collaborative, and promote a collegial workplace. 

Please send a cover letter and CV to Profs. Chodosh and Rajaiya: and

Selected publications:

1. Chintakuntlawar, A. V., X. Zhou, J. Rajaiya, and J. Chodosh. 2010. Viral capsid is a pathogen-associated molecular pattern in adenovirus keratitis. PLoS Pathog 6:e1000841.

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9. Dehghan, S., J. Seto, E. B. Liu, A. M. Ismail, R. Madupu, A. Heim, M. S. Jones, D. W. Dyer, J. Chodosh, and D. Seto. 2019. A zoonotic adenoviral human pathogen emerged through genomic recombination amongst human and nonhuman simian hosts. J Virol. JVI.00564-19.

All Institutional benefits will be provided
Education Requirement:
Ph.D. in Biological Sciences
Required Skills & Areas of Study:
  • virology
  • immunology
  • molecular biology
According to NIH pay scale
Ophthalmology and Virus pathogenesis
243 Charles Street
Boston , MA 2114
Prof James Chodosh, MD MPH