Postdoctoral position in virus-host interaction

University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Post Doctoral Position - Academic
Job Type/Arrangement:
  • Full Time

A postdoctoral position is available to study molecular biology of alphaviruses and virus-host interaction. The potential projects include characterization of the functions of the recently identified host proteins in virus replication and replication complex assembly using molecular biology, biochemistry and structural biology techniques, evaluation of anti-alphavirus vaccine candidates in animal model, investigation of evasion of the innate immune response by alphaviruses with emphasis on chikungunya virus, or characterization of viral enzymes. The preference will be given to a candidate who wants to pursue an academic career in virology.

The candidate must

• have a PhD in virology, cell biology, biochemistry or structural biology

• have published in peer-reviewed journals

• be self-motivated and organized

• have good interpersonal skills

• be able to maintain detailed experimental records

• have good English-speaking, reading and writing skills

Education Requirement:
Years of Experience:
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The applicant should send an updated CV, a cover letter describing previous accomplishments and career goals, and the names and contact information of 2-3 references to Dr. Elena Frolova by e-mail, The position has support for up to 4 years with renewable annual contract.

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Elena Frolova, PhD